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100% green electricity
Maximum flexibilityility,
according to your needs.


Switching to renewable energies still seems complicated for many people.

We make it simple.

Like a modular system, your solar system can be individually expanded to optimally suit your needs. Whether you are looking for unbeatable electric mobility or maximum self-sufficiency through modern electricity storage - we will be happy to advise you in detail on modern system solutions.

Refueling has never been cheaper
Charging station for your electric car.

Whether for private use or as an offer for your customers and employees - expand your solar system with one or more charging stations and fill up with 100% green electricity from your own production. Especially in combination with an electricity storage system, this is a sensible addition and enables the optimal use of your system.


The perfect addition to your solar system
State-of-the-art power storage.


The higher the self-consumption, the more economical your solar system. However, electricity is not always consumed when it is produced. The most elegant way to solve this problem is with a modern storage system.

This further increases your degree of self-sufficiency and helps to reduce electricity costs even more efficiently. This way you really use your electricity when you need it.

Everything around your solar system
Other services.

Maintenance of your solar system

Depending on the ambient conditions, yield-reducing soiling can accumulate on the solar modules. Have your solar system checked and cleaned regularly by our experts.

Shading analysis

Our detailed shading analysis reveals yield-reducing shading of your solar modules. By using and retrofitting so-called "optimisers", the problem can also be reliably solved on existing systems and ensures you high solar yields and a secure return again.

System inspection

As certified experts for photovoltaic systems, we check the planning and design of your existing system as well as all installed components of your existing solar system with state-of-the-art measuring systems.

Roof renovation

At the request of many customers, we also offer extensive roof renovations - also for asbestos roofs with corresponding certificates. With our specialist partners, we find the right solution for every roof size.


Do you have any questions? 
The most frequent questions at a glance.

  • Why GEONIMA?
    GEO- (Greek "earth") -NIMA ( Tibetan "sun") Since 2007 we have been accompanying and helping our customers on their way to energy independence using sustainable and affordable solar power. Especially in unstable times, planning security with regard to costs is of increasing value. As an owner-managed family business, we attach particular importance to personal contact with the customer. Mutual trust and commitment are very important to us! Especially with more complex projects, a close consultation and the focus on your needs, private or business, is crucial and distinguishes us. Convince yourself!
  • What exactly are you doing?
    As a TÜV appraiser and expert for regenerative energies, we are your contact for advice, planning and installation of your solar system. In addition to the classic private roofs, our focus is particularly on large commercial systems such as industrial halls or agricultural operations - nationwide.
  • Is my roof suitable for a solar system?
    Whether and how large a solar system can be implemented depends on many factors. In addition to the roof area and statics, the orientation also plays an important role. Unfortunately, roofs that are purely north-facing are hardly suitable for effective power generation.
  • How much electricity will my system bring in a year?
    Unfortunately, this cannot be answered in general and depends on the size of the system. Feel free to send us your inquiry and we will send you a concrete statement about the size of your desired system to be realized in the course of an individual offer.
  • Does the system also produce electricity when the sky is cloudy?
    Yes, even in cloudy weather and indirect light, the system continues to produce electricity. However, the amount is less than in direct sunlight.
  • Do I need a building permit?
    No, a building permit is usually not required. There are exceptions for large open-space systems. However, we always pay attention to the static feasibility.
  • Is there a minimum size for solar systems?
    Due to the current high demand, our minimum installation size is around 10 kWp. Give us a call and we can quickly clarify whether your roof is suitable.
  • Do you also plan commercial and large-scale plants?
    Yes, in fact this is exactly our core business. The cheap production of electricity on your own roof can be a profitable investment in the future, especially for energy-intensive industries or farms. Due to the increased independence from your energy provider, you also get clearer cost planning security. Since 2007 we have implemented this goal with numerous of our customers. Please take a look at our references and see for yourself. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • What will the system cost me?
    The investment costs of a solar system also depend on many factors, but mainly on the planned size. Feel free to contact us and we will send you a concrete offer for your system.
  • What funding is there?
  • How long is the payback period of a solar system?
    The planned use plays a particularly important role here. The greater the self-consumption of the self-produced electricity, the greater the financial benefit. With an average service life of your solar system of around 25 years, the system will usually have paid for itself after around 10 years.
  • How quickly will I receive your offer and how long is it valid?
    Before the actual preparation of the offer, a short telephone call is necessary for us, if necessary also a personal meeting on site. Details can be clarified here and any questions can be answered in advance. Due to the current high demand, there may be a few days' delay before you finally receive your offer. We apologize for this. Due to the current delivery bottlenecks and price adjustments, our offers are valid for 14 days after receipt. After that, we have to request prices for material and components again and adjust the offer if necessary.
  • How long does the plant last?
    Modern solar systems have a lifespan of 25-30 years.
  • Does the system need maintenance?
    A solar system tends to require very little maintenance. Should a fault occur over the years, we will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance and get your system up and running again.
  • What are the guarantee periods?
  • What would be the next steps?
    Once the order has been placed, we order all the components. Unfortunately, there may be longer waiting times here at the moment, but we will keep you informed about this. As soon as we have a concrete delivery date, we will coordinate a timely assembly date with you. The duration of the installation ultimately depends on the size of the system. Parallel to the construction, we contact the respective electrician to ensure the final commissioning and the connection to the local power grid in a timely manner.
  • Who do I contact in the event of a fault or repair?
    Of course, we are there for our customers even after the system has been set up and will promptly find a suitable solution for you. Regardless of warranty periods, we are happy to be there for you.

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